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Percko Voucher Code, Discount & Deals

We launched PERCKO in 2014 with a mission: to develop simple and innovative solutions that will help you end the pain and suffering caused by back pain. Improving your daily life is our primary motivation and that of the whole team.Both engineers by training, we met during our Master’s year at ESSEC. Alexis’ father, a dentist and always bent over his patients, regularly suffered from back pain. So we started to think about a solution to help him feel better. We therefore documented back pain. We realized that back pain affects 80% of the world’s population.We also realized that the existing solutions were not satisfactory. Often times, they are too complex, restrict movement, or – in the case of the lower back belt for example – offer short-term relief and atrophy the muscles but do not respond to the mechanical issues in the body that are causing the pain in the first place.We worked for 1 year with a team of experts in biomechanics, physiotherapists and osteopaths to develop our first product, the Lyne UP. Some people think of it as a t-shirt, simply because it is worn like a traditional t-shirt, or as an undergarment that you wear in everyday life. This term “t-shirt” really helps describe the simplicity of the solution, but we’re also concerned that it doesn’t fully reflect the complexity of the technology built into the product itself.It is this tensor technology that we have developed and patented that constitutes the DNA of our Lyne UP product. This naturally encourages the wearer to straighten up, while allowing full flexibility of movement and strengthening the back muscles for long-term relief. This technology has been adapted to each product to best meet the needs. A year of research was necessary to develop each new product in the textile range. We have set ourselves the goal of supporting you during all your activities. Each product is designed to reduce your back pain, whether you are at the office, at sport or doing an activity such as gardeningWe want to offer you solutions that adapt to your daily life to deal with the scourge of back pain.

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