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Arriste Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

Our story begins in 2018. As a fitness enthusiast, I was pushing myself in the gym day in and day out, only to find that in training my body to lift heavier weights, I was getting stiffer and less mobile. I began doing basic stretches to alleviate the tightness, but it still got to the point that I embarrassingly wasn’t even able to bend at the hips 90 degrees without also bending my knees. Proper recovery and mobility had never really crossed my mind before, so I started with the basics – deep tissue massage and self myofascial release (foam rolling and lacrosse ball). They helped, only, I couldn’t afford regular professional deep tissue massages, and foam rolling didn’t help much for difficult areas like the traps and chest.At this time, “massage guns” began trending, and I was in the market for one myself. But when I looked at what was out there, I found that they were too expensive, too noisy, or compromised on the features I wanted. I felt that I could make one better. So, later that year, I teamed up with a couple friends to start Arriste, a premium fitness product brand centered around quality and efficacy.

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