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Bilio Mask Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

The Bilio Mask is composed of our proprietary SilverKiss™ antimicrobial technology featuring a knit blend of recycled polyester and silver yarns. The silver yarns powered by X-STATIC® are EPA registered and release positively charged silver ions in the presence of moisture, which prohibits microorganism growth, controls odor, and eliminates bacteria on contact.We are an Oakland, California-based industrial design and product development consultancy focusing on technical ‘Soft Goods.’ We let truth to materials and sustainability inspire design and drive innovation.When the pandemic hit, our team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and material developers took action to create the best and most sustainable mask solution for the public. What began as a boot-strapped effort quickly transformed into an all out mission to ensure critical medical supplies remained available for those that need them most.From knitting mills to yarn vendors, nose crimps to packaging; all aspects of Bilio Mask are designed, developed, and made in the U.S.A. While outsourcing production overseas may be cheaper and faster, we believed it is our core value to stay committed to local and domestic manufacturing. We do this with a zero waste, knit-to-shape process that uses recycled materials in a better way.

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