Catbox Classics Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

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Catbox Classics Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

Cats’ love of boxes is instinctual. It’s in their nature. Our Cardboard Cat Houses are designed to encourage healthy instinctual behaviors while adding to the beauty of your home.Scratching is important for a cat’s physical and mental health. Cats scratch to groom, stretch and mark territory. Our cat houses include integrated scratching pads made with non-toxic glue to give your cat a healthy place to scratch.Cats love to play. It offers exercise and it keeps their minds stimulated. Our strategically placed play holes allow your cat to “hide”, stalk passersby and chase whatever toy you dangle just outside the box! Cats love to interacting with their human companions. Playing, watching and being near you all help bond your relationship. Our cats houses are designed to facilitate play and interaction while giving your furry friend a place they feel cozy and comfortable.

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