Consciously Connected Travel Voucher Code

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Consciously Connected Travel Voucher Code

Call it concierge travel, if you will, unusual and memorable life experiences that redefine how you see and feel your place in this world, by helping you identify your core purpose while surrounded by natural beauty and new approaches to old thinking. Driven by a need to create synergy between Travel, Wellness  and Philanthropy, we cultivate experiences that allow you to leave a little part of yourself behind each time you take off on a new adventure. We are not travel agents or tour guides, we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that benefit you, mankind, and the culturally diverse locations you visit in a way that promotes greater livelihoods for people, place and planet.Pressing pause is sometimes all we need. Life can often seem like there is little to no opportunity to press reset. Juggling life, work and everything in-between and with the social conditioning of putting everything else first before ourselves, running on empty has become part and parcel of life. But what if your reset wasn’t to undo the things that dwelled within your mind, but to embrace them and completely change your prospective of them? A total, mind, body and soul rest, helping to create the foundation of what is to come. Our Immersion Weekends are moments to truly focus on self. They are weekends that challenge your prospective and viewpoint of personal obstacles, challenges and uncertainties. Giving you a stronger understanding of self and a better prospective of your life and your place within it. Connecting you deeper to people and place within a supportive yet accountable space.

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