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Know Seafood Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

The Best of the Catch. We have picked some of our favorite seafood and mixed them up in our Seafood Boxes. From our most popular KnowBuddie Box to our North and South Box, which we landed some great choices from different seas, this is a great way to expand your seafood palate and taste what the world has to offer!Hanging out in schools, finfish are the healthiest protein you can eat. Always natural, always sustainable, these species are like a vitamin jar! From Omega 3s to Vitamin A, to incredible amounts of natural vitamin B and protein…it’s just a smart food! Here is a selection of some of the most popular types of seafood…the Shellfish! From crustaceans like lobsters, and shrimp, and mollusk like our scallops, we offer some of the best, natural, delicious you can find.

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