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Loveis Project Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

In 2012, Chrissie Lam, Founder of Love is Project, left her job in corporate fashion and moved to Kenya to work with artisan groups. She met a group of women in the Maasai tribe. These women made vibrant, high-quality, and gorgeous beadwork. Blown away by their craft and community, Chrissie worked with these women to design a bracelet emblazoned with one powerful word: LOVE.Why LOVE? In a world that can feel heavy and discouraging at times, there is one thing that helps us all to thrive — LOVE. Relatable to every being in this world, Chrissie felt LOVE is the common thread that connects us all, changes lives, and brings people together. Thus, with one single bracelet and one small idea, Chrissie found her purpose.

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