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Makselife Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

Life Coach created and tested in the field for nearly two decades, MäksēLife has been designed to keep you anchored to your goals, yet remain flexible in their execution–with progress and growth as the primary objective.Our planners give you a sacred space to plan what it is that you want for yourself and the freedom to make adjustments throughout the year, in the same area as the rest of your life’s plans. We will guide you in creating a sustainable habit of taking action on your goals, designing a life that is in perfect harmony with what matters most to you.Mäksē” comes from the phonetic spelling of moxie- a word that we feel encompasses the mindset people have when they feel happy and empowered in their life.To have moxie is to be bold and determined. You approach life with grit and spirit. You are unstoppable: full of vigor, resilience, fortitude, and courage. You will not let a setback stop you from trying again – you cannot be deterred. You know where you want to go and have what it takes to get there. MäksēLife was created from this ideology.Imagine approaching everything in your life standing firm in this space. What amazing things are you going to accomplish? How are you impacting the world around you? What does the life you’ve created look like? How do you feel? You’re in the driver’s seat, and in our planners, you will create a vision and have a system that helps take you there.MäksēLife offers the tools, mindset shift, and community that will help you uncover areas for growth to create meaningful and lasting change in all areas of your life.

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