Self Care Shower Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

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Self Care Shower Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

Our customers tell us all the time how amazing their shower smells. Our fresh eucalyptus gives off an amazing, woody, clean aroma when steamed, turning your shower into a spa! We hand pick then ship quickly to keep your bundle fresh! Our natural eucalyptus bundles last for about 3 weeks in the shower, with the fragrance strongest the first week. Breathe in relaxation and order a bundle today, your body and mind will thank you later!Some water is ok, but steam is best! With the included string, simply hang your bundle over your shower-head. That is usually enough to keep your bundle outside the range of the water. For rain shower-heads, it is best to lay bundle on top of head, the hot shower steam will reach it!Want more of that relaxing eucalyptus smell? Simply take a rolling object (such as a wine bottle!) and roll your leaves gently to release some of their inner goodness. Make sure to do this in a safe area, that you can clean easily. We suggest on top of paper towels.

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