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Morus Coupon Code, Discount & Deals

Mulberry silk helps your skin hold on to it’s own moisture. Unlike more absorbent fabrics like cotton, silk won’t pull from your skin’s natural moisture or draw away skin creams as you sleep. This helps your skin stay moisturized, preventing wrinkles and slowing the effects of time on your skin.Most pillowcases are made from fabrics far more harsh than silk – this makes them grab onto hair, creating friction and causing breakages. Our silk is softer than these conventional fabrics. It doesn’t grab your hair, and it helps prevent mornings full of tangles and static.If you’ve ever woken up with sleep creases, you know they can be unsightly. They can also take a toll on your skin! These creases take longer to vanish as you age, but the silk in our masks and pillowcases has been shown to reduce friction and help prevent sleep creases from happening in the first place!

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