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Smoke Eraser Coupon Code & Deals

Smoke or vape anywhere, anytime, around anyone with the smallest yet longest lasting sploof ever developed with a lifespan 5x that of any competitor. Introducing Smoke Eraser, an exceptionally long lasting personal air filter that eliminates 99.9% of smoke and odor via HEPA filter and activated carbon.Sploofs die prematurely from breath moisture. We went ahead and fixed that. Introducing Smoke Eraser. The only sploof engineered to trap all moisture before ever reaching the HEPA filter quadrupling the life of any other sploof available.You are here for one reason. Peace of mind. We get it’s nobody’s business but yours, and privacy is what you seek. This is why every Smoke Eraser is designed with an obsessive attention to detail ensuring flawless performance in every exhale. So when it matters, you can trust a Smoke Eraser.By way of a patent pending prefilter, the Smoke Eraser boasts an exceptional lifespan more than quadruple that of the Smoke Buddy delivering an impressive 1400+ exhales per unit. Truly remarkable but only a fraction of what’s possible with more than one unit. Adding more units into rotation increases exhales exponentially! More on this later.Smoke Eraser is the first sploof providing access inside the unit to perform the maintenance needed to increase longevity. Until now, no sploof has ever handed over this kind of control allowing customers to actually dictate lifespan. With the Smoke Eraser, how well you take care of your sploof is what will determine how long it lasts.

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