2nd Wife Vape Coupon Codes & Deals

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2nd Wife Vape Coupon Codes & Deals

Mystery: This mystery bottles by Air Factory is a blend of multiple berries and fruits that gives a complex flavor profile. It will keep you guessing with every inhale.2. Strawberry Kiwi: Rich strawberry flavor with the inhale, and tangy kiwi flavor on the exhale. Want a breezy, summery flavor that is reminiscent of an ice cold smoothie or taffy candy that you can enjoy poolside or on the shoreline while suntanning? Need something to satisfy that sweet tooth or something that reminds you of the smell of a garden bursting with fresh fruits? Then try Strawberry Kiwi, as presented by Air Factory, a successful flavor expertly blending the taste of a vine-ripened strawberry with hints of fresh kiwi, your favorite summer fruits handpicked for a refreshing flavor!3. Blue Razz: All the online blogs are raving about the new Blue Razz flavor, as presented by Air Factory, and the reviews are more than positive! Reddit users that have complained about other companies’ versions of Blue Razz have made the Air Factory brand their only choice in vape juice because of Blue Razz flavor! Many people have likened the taste to a blue raspberry saltwater taffy, with a savory goodness and an unbeatable flavor that is sour and sweet at the same time that is not too strong for the sensitive smokers. The juiciness of the flavor is one of its biggest selling points, making the flavor even more flavorful!

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