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Airnex Coupon Codes & Deals

I was inspired to create these products after I moved to China in 2014, where I became very sensible to the concept of “Clean Air” due to the cities’ heavy pollution. Today Airnex mission is to create premium quality air filtration products to help people claim their natural right to Breathe Clean.I believe air is one of the most intrinsically connected element to life itself, therefore we should really care as our own life and wellness depends on the quality of the air we breathe. We are still far from a perfect world: unfortunately often times the air we breath every day, indoor and outdoor, is full of pollutants, VOCs, mold, gasses and other harmful particles, generated by our industries, cars, cleaning products, pesticides, home appliances and many more.As a result of these particles entering our bodies through our lungs (without us even noticing it), we expose ourselves to potential future health problems that can translate in severe disorders (eg. allergies, asthma and even cancer).

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