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Better Chances Coupon Codes & Deals

Are you struggling to find an affordable home? Want a shot at living in Greater London? Our house skill competition will give you the chance to win this beautiful home in Greater London! Check out the “How It Works” page for more information.It seems like every single day, London house prices are skyrocketing. Because of that, purchasing a London property, is out of the picture.The initial investment is insane. And you’d practically have to be BORN rich to even START with getting a foothold in the London property market.And a lot of people are complaining, for a good reason.They’ve got no place to live.Put simply, the hope of finding an affordable home in London is rapidly turning into a rubbish fire.Now, we believe that everyone should have a roof over their heads… whether they’re just getting out of university or collecting a pension. So, we looked for a way to make home ownership affordable (and fun!).That’s how Better Chances was born.Better Chances is a skill competition where one lucky winner will get the keys to their dream home.

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