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ElectroMeds Coupon Codes & Deals

Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Devices approximate Earth’s life sustaining electro-magnetic field. PEMF has the same effect as working in the garden, swimming in a lake or walking on a beach. As we live and work farther away from these things, our bodies react to the lost connection with sickness or injury. Unlike Earth’s electro-magnetic fields, PEMF can be optimally targeted for specific injuries or diseases.With Clinical Grade PEMF devices such as the MegaPulse PEMF you don’t have to struggle with patients who are too tight to adjust.  Your patients and your hands, wrists and arms will thank you.  Simply put the patient on the machine and watch their inflammation and hypertension melt away, leaving you free to adjust them more effectively. PEMF is the modality of choice for chronic pain, tense muscles and injured joints.  It is ideal for regular weekly or bi-weekly treatments. From a business perspective, it is the most profitable thing you can do for your practice.

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