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ForBabs Coupon Codes & Deals

It all started early one morning in 2015. My hair was dry and ready for styling. I ran a brush through it one last time… and stared in horror at my reflection in the mirror – my strands were standing on-end like an alien! Suddenly, I was stuck in the all-too-familiar and frustrating cycle of taming flyaways caused by dreaded static electricity.Like many others, I often relied on an age-old “hair hack” to fix the problem: rubbing my hair with a dryer sheet. While this usually did the trick, it wasn’t exactly something I’d feel comfortable doing in public… trying to smooth out a balled-up dryer sheet I’d fished out of my purse so I could wipe my head with it. Not only was that a hassle but dryer sheets are simply bad for your hair!I knew there had to be a better way. Finally one day, I experienced a real lightbulb moment. After attaching one of these dryer sheets to a hairbrush, I found the “hack” much faster and simpler to use, saving me time and adding convenience to my routine. Working with a local chemist, we came up with a proprietary blend of conditioning ingredients that are good for your hair and tame static/frizz too.With that, ForBabs was born – named in honor of my late mother, Barbara, who always believed in me and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Now, my X-Static – the world’s first safe, affordable, easy-to-use anti-static hairbrush – I’m really proud of the product we have built and excited to share it with you!

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