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Municipal Coupon Codes & Deals

The seed for MUNICIPAL was planted in the public playgrounds, fields and blacktops where we all developed our love for sports and competition.It was there that we started to appreciate how results were determined by the amount of work we put in. And if we were willing to put in the effort, we’d go far. But if we were willing to put in the effort and be part of a community, we’d go further.That MUNICIPAL mindset has always stayed with co-founders Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson. Mark and Lev have been partners for more than two decades, creating game-changing, well-known content and several businesses together.Initially, MUNICIPAL took form in well-known ways; its essence lived in stories of creativity, hustle, character, trusting your instincts and overcoming every obstacle. At its core, MUNICIPAL has always been about the transformative power of self-belief.Somewhere along the way, Mark and Lev met Harry Arnett, a guy who had headed up some well-known brands the guys loved. Mark, Lev and Harry wanted MUNICIPAL to change people’s lives by creating a brand that could help everyone become unstoppable. They called their solution Sport Utility Gear — and MUNICIPAL was officially born.

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