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Pela Vision Coupon Codes & Deals

You don’t need to compromise between your personal expression and choosing the most sustainable product. Beautiful design + 100% biodegradable…there’s a reason Pela is the one of the most reviewed and trusted eco-friendly brands.There’s nothing nice about traditional frames taking thousands of years to break down, so we’re cleaning up this dirty industry by taking in your used plastic sunglasses to upcycle with our Pela 360 program. Sustainability has never looked this sexy before.It’s been a labour of love, getting rid of traditional hinges, and metal bits to ensure that we have perfected a sustainable pair of frames that will completely biodegrade in a landfill. We call this a “graceful end of life”.Pela Vision’s Blue Light Filtering Lenses reduce exposure to harmful blue spectrum light waves that our screens emit. We know you won’t stop scrolling Instagram, but at least blue light lenses can offer your eyes some protection.

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