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Portions Master Coupon Codes & Deals

Ever heard of portion distortion? This is when over-sized portions of food start to look normal to you. The result is that people will eat whatever is on their plate without thinking about the number of serving sizes that are actually in front of them. Portion sizes that once would have been considered far too big to eat in one sitting, are now seen as normal. From store-bought muffins, to soft drinks and to pasta entrées at restaurants, portion sizes have increased over the last 20 years. Bigger portions mean more calories, and the result is bigger waistlines.For the past 3 decades, people have seen portion sizes increase in restaurants and have re-defined value as the amount of food they see on their plate. This has also become the norm when preparing and serving meals at home. The habit of eating too much food, or more specifically, the wrong ratios of food, has led to an increase in obesity and its related health conditions. We now understand the correlation between how much and what we eat with the rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease & stroke.To address this, Portions Master has created a solution that trains people to eat healthier portion sizes by showing them how much food and the ratios of food they should be eating at every meal. The Portions Master approach has simplified and revolutionized how people achieve and maintain their weight goals; reducing their overall risk of health complications due to over-eating. This unique plating system can be used by people who need to control existing health conditions, or to lose weight.

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