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Proper Fuel Coupon Codes & Deals

Proper Recovery is a post workout nutrition shake based 100% on scientific research. After a grueling workout your two mains goals are regrowing the tissue you’ve targeted and refueling the nutrients and minerals used to perform.A 1:1 Protein to Carbohydrate ratio is the base for achieving growth and replenishment. Additional Leucine has been added to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis, the process that facilitates growth. A combination of Creatine and Fenugreek Extract has been added to increase the rate of glycogen resynthesis, which is the rate at which we replenish the energy in our muscles.The last step in refueling comes from the Himalayan Pink Salt. By combining the key minerals in the salt with the water you mix into your shake, you are telling your body to return it’s core temperature to normal and begin the recovery process.Each ingredient has a specific benefit and target in your post workout nutrition, but all of that could be for not without proper digestion. By using additional processing to create Whey Protein Isolate combined with digestive enzymes that target both protein and carbohydrates, we are ensuring that your hard earned recovery and money aren’t going to waste.

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