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Storiedhats Coupon Codes & Deals

For too long, hats have been an afterthought. You have that random Nike or Polo hat. Or maybe a sports team or a college. You wear them because that’s what is readily available. It’s average quality, logo-driven, and not made from sustainable materials.We started Storied Hats in late 2018 to change this. We search around the world for the highest quality, most sustainable fabrics. We craft our hats in ethically managed facilities where people are treated with dignity and paid fairly. And our hats are always without a logo.Solid colors, heathered and speckled fabrics, and color blocks – all in high-quality, sustainable fabrics, and always without a logo.We think about the inside as much as the outside. It’s a chance to extend the design and the story behind the hats. Small things add up to make a big difference in how something looks and how it makes us feel.Our most popular kids’ hat. Trees on the outside, night sky on the inside. Printed on 100% organic cotton, comes in a toddler and youth size.Sustainable fabrics. Ethical manufacturing. Member of 1% for the Planet. Collaborations with causes, with 100% of those profits donated.One-size-fits-most is sort of a lie, and not great for finding the perfect fit. That’s why we offer multiple depths for larger and smaller heads, as well as multiple kids’ sizes.

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