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Tarsul Coupon Codes & Deals

It is a quote often attributed to Hippocrates but he probably didn’t say it. However, in the first chapters of On Ancient Medicine it is concluded there are parallels between cooking and medicine. The key is that the coctions in medicine were specific to each person or malady. In other words: hot dogs for some and hamburgers for others. We can make light of it here but Hippocrates and his cohorts created a work which defined medicine and established practices still in use today.One thing that Hippocrates could not have foreseen is the large scale farming and chemical-ization of food products. According to the EPA the three main products in commercial fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Large commercial farms will not add further soil conditioners because of the cost. Likewise, anyone who has ever tasted organically grown sweet corn or tomatoes will say there is a huge difference in taste. Furthermore, the difference in vital health inducing vitamins and compounds is more than remarkable. The difference in the plants health and OUR health revolves around a few missing elements in our diet. Hippocrates didn’t have to worry about these things but we do.

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