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Teema Coupon Codes

Teema was born in a Cambodian night market on a backpacking trip in 2017, out of the frustration caused by our musty microfiber “travel” towels purchased on Amazon prior to the trip. After a chance encounter with a vendor selling Turkish Towels, an idea was born.,After encountering Turkish towels for the first time in Cambodia, we quickly realized just how useful they truly are. Not only do they make great travel towels, but they’re also throws, shawls, scarves, and wraps, they look great around the house, they dry quickly, they’re portable, they’re stylish… the list goes on! We were obsessed, and wondered why we’d never seen them before. So, we went to Turkey.
There, we traveled to a small town outside of Denizli, where we met a network of artisans known locally and internationally for their high quality, woven textiles made using traditional techniques. We fell in love with the craft the moment we saw a jacquard loom in operation, and as they say, the rest is history!We work with a network of artisanal weavers located in a small mountain town in Southwestern Turkey. Many of these weavers work out of their own homes, on looms that have been with their families for decades in many cases.Unlike many other Turkish towel companies, we do not work with any major factories. This is why we are often sold out of products, as the techniques used to create our products are often decades old, with a focus on quality over efficiency. Our weavers, warehouse workers, and other staff are all compensated fair wages for their work.Towels have been manufactured in this region for close to 500 years and many of the people and families who manufacture Teemas have been passing the art on for several generations. Some of these looms have been in use for over 50 years and many steps of the looming process are done by hand. While Teemas are highly practical and useful on a daily basis, each one is also an intricately crafted piece of art.

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