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Thxsilk Coupon Codes & Deals

Sleep experts say that there are plenty of benefits to using silk pillowcases. Yet, unlike their cotton counterparts, silk pillowcases are less likely to interfere with your hairs natural state and create extra oil buildup. … Avoid oily hair by substituting silk pillow cases for cotton, your hair will thank you.Silk can improve your skin, appearance, and overall health. Make this affordable luxury a beauty mainstay. … When spun into sheets, pajamas, and scarves, silk may help ease menopausal hot flashes, prevent the effects of aging, and relieve certain skin conditions.Some of silk’s hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mitesfungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens. Silk can be beneficial for your skin and hair. Sleeping on a silk duvet cover set can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

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