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WaiWai Coupon Codes & Deals

Wai Wai was born from a very simple idea: the planet belongs to everyone and it is our responsibility to take care of it. We believe in our ability to live in harmony with nature and to find a balance with our environment, taking what we need and giving it back in abundance.Our mission is to democratize access to healthy, high-quality products, while minimizing our environmental impact. The values ​​of simplicity, transparency and sustainability unite us to the community.Traditional companies and brands create and sell products regardless of the impact they have on the environment. And why would they? No one forces them. Legislation is slow and does not act until it is too late. The cosmetic industry sadly does not escape. We pack products like shampoos and conditioners that last 1 month, in plastic cans that last more than 100 years.Did you know that in the formulation of a shampoo or conditioner there is more than 85% water? We are taking water from one place to another, transferring the material costs to the final consumer, and the ecological costs to the environment.Time passes and we continue to pollute our atmosphere, pouring plastics into the sea, and ultimately closing our eyes to the effect that our consumption has on the environment.

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